Asus AGP

Hi. I need to know is this compatible… I have old AsRock P4I65G mother board, suports 2 DDR400, 3 PCI slots, 1AGP x8, Now I have ATI 9600128mb ddr on this AGP slot, and I wanna by new graphic card also on AGP, I found Asus AH3650 512 AGP ddr2 and I wanna ask you can I put this AGP 8x on my AGP 8x… Thx :slight_smile:

Yes you can put it in their, as long as your PSU is good. But don’t expect to play the latest games or be able to play 1080P video with that video card. If possible you might want to save up for a new PC.

I can’t save for new PC. :frowning: I have alternative ATI 2600 PRO AGP… what do you think :slight_smile:

What is the brand and model of your PSU?

edit: the 3650 is more efficient so don’t get the other one.

I can’t understand what do you think when you say PCU. do you mean CPU?

PSU = Power supply unit

OH :slight_smile: I don’t now maybe I bought Aurora home :), 400W if you meant on that :slight_smile:

I dont have lucky this 2600pro has sold 2 mins ago :(… just asus

You didn’t want the 2600, you want the 3650 :slight_smile: