Asus A8NE-FM with opteron 170?


I have this mobo Asus A8NE-FM (oem by Fujitsu). Currently i am running AMD Athlon 3000+ on this mobo and intend to switch to opteron 170.

I know opteron is socket 939 just like AMD Athlon 64 3000+, but i am worried if my BIOS would support dualcore 939 opteron :doh:.

Bios type: Award (03/10/05)
Bios version: 1004

Do i have to upgrade bios??? I d preffer stay away from it…

Newer BIOS driver site: (just type a8ne-fm to get result)


How much are you paying for this CPU?
I can give you a word of advice, anything above 50$ is too much.
Opterons 1**-series runs very hot (my 185 is rated 125W TDP) and are frankly quite slow.
An AMD Athlon II X2 240 will be much faster and it’s available at 60$…
You probably need the newest BIOS available if its supported at all.

As danne already said, don’t buy it if you haven’t already, its for suckers. New components are very inexpensive and are many times faster.

If you want to build a new computer let us know, tell us what your budget is and what you plan to use it for so we can tailor it for you.

Well my mobo cant oc anyway … so opteron 170 isnt an option anymore… maybee 180 which has 2 cores at stock 2,4 GHz…

Or even better amd fx-60 or amd athlon x2 4800+

But all i really want to know is if my mobo supports any of these??? Oh and i sucesfully updated bios to v. 1011.

@Dizzy: AMD Athlon II X2 240 isnt socket 939 processor… i need s939.

Are you able to flash a bios directly from Asus? If not then you most likely will have a limited bios that only lets you use cpus that the fijitsu computer used.

It looks like this is the closest Asus version of your MB: Cpu support list

I would reccomend getting a new MB and CPU. don’t waste your money on an old computer.

I very well aware that the X2 isn’t S939 but I just did a small comparison performance/price ratio. The best CPU S939 offers is the Opteron 185 and I can with 99,9% probably say that your computer will not handle it properly (it’ll overheat) if the bios recognizes it at all.

Oh what a shame …doh… but what about fx? would my mobo recodnize fx 60 or x2 4800+? If u might know… afterall it says it supports fx and x2…

You know where we stand, do what you will.