Asus A8N5X audio help

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I am a newbie. Please feel free to move this to an appropriate forum. I just finished building my first pc. Everything went well until I hooked up the speakers from my old pc. No sound. I have gone over all the speaker connections and configurations multiple times and am confident they are correct. Here is the stupid question. Was there a cable, other than the pc speaker wire from the case to the motherboard, that I missed. I was told the sound traveled through the IDE cables. I was reading over the mobo manual. It lists 1 internal audio connectors (CD/AUX) and 1 front panel audio connector. The front panel one is the one bundled in with hd led, reset and power, right?
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The “Speaker” connector as bundled with the wires for LEDs and switches is just for a little built-in speaker or beeper that’s mounted in the PC case. It gives “beep” signals, but has nothing to do with audio. Forget about Front audio connections for now (until you get sound working, at least).

Audio from your CD/DVD drive travels through the IDE cable as you say. You don’t need to connect a seperate (analog) cable to the CD/AUX pins for this any more, but you have to check the drive’s properties in Device Manager to see if “digital audio” is enabled.

If you don’t get any Windows sounds or can’t listen to mp3’s etc., right-click on the little speaker icon in the System Tray (you have installed your mobo’s sound drivers, right?) and un-mute or adjust the volume sliders as required.

Thanks for the welcome, and the assistance. I did install the the drivers from the cd that came with the mobo. I have checked the volume levels, all okay. I’m new to xp also, and I can’t remember how to get to the device manager to see if digital audio is enabled. Refresh me please.

Hi, press Windows & Pause keys simultaneously (System Properties), select Hardware tab and you’ll see Device Manager. Once in there, expand the CD/DVD drive entry and double-click or right-click on your drive to access Properties. There is a tick-box te enable digital audio (which may or may not be checked already).

Thanks. It is checked. Got any other thoughts?

Did you see any exclamation or question marks while in Device Manager? This would indicate not correctly installed devices (possibly your sound device).

It’s also possible to disable onboard audio in the BIOS (for if you want to use a seperate sound card instead). But I assume this isn’t the problem, since you say the sound driver installed correctly.

The speaker connections are colour coded. Green is the Line-out for your front speakers.

Give us a few screenshots maybe (audio device in Device Manager and Sound Mixer settings…) to see if everything looks alright.

I just built the same MB in a system and had no trouble. You might try to download the latest drivers from ASUS website. I used nothing from the CD as everything was updated on the site. Make sure your BIOS is updated as well and that you have audio enabled as suggested above.

Okay, another stupid question. It looks like I have to have ActiveX to download the latest drivers, true? Is that okay to do? I’ve had ppl tell me not to use ActiveX. Should I just go ahead and update BIOS too? I keep hearing if you do that you can cause more problems.

Here is a screenshot of device manager: I hope I did it right.
I tried to do the realtek connector sensing. But it said it was too large.
I’m still reading the mobo manual. Was I supposed to attach anything to the aux. connector?

I don’t recall Active X warnings but you are OK with the ASUS website. I went right to 902 BIOS version as well as all the other current versions of the sound drivers, the nVidia drivers and utilities. The only thing I specifically did differently was to NOT install the nVidia IDE drivers as they can cause problems with optical burning. Everything else was fine.

Not saying this is your problem, but it will at least eliminate the obvious.

Your menu above looks good. Test the light green output with some headphones or something. You need to make sure it is not the speakers.

Okay, I’ve downloaded the latest BIOS and drivers from Asus website. Speakers still don’t work. If I switch them back to my old pc they work fine. I am at a complete loss.

Hi, you haven’t connected anything to the Front panel audio (FP_AUDIO) pins on the mobo, have you? Keep them clear until you have sound at the back.

Your walkman’s headphones in the green line-out don’t work either, as suggested by chas0039?

For making screenshots of the Realtek settings, you can use the “Alt + Print Screen” keys and “Paste” into your image viewer. Then save as a .png image file (preferred over .jpg here).

Thank you guys for all your help. I decided to ask my father to bring over the speakers from his pc. And guess what…they work fine! I went to the Boston Accoustics website and in their FAQ I learned that a lot of ppl who have upgraded to WinXp, this model of speaker doesn’t work. So, I’m going to buy new speakers. Any brand suggestions?

Wow, you have digital speakers! Don’t they work with the S/PDIF connectors provided on your mobo (just below the PS/2 port there’s a coaxial and an optical connector to choose from - see #12 and #13 below)? You may have to enable the S/PDIF output in the Realtek driver software. I’ve seen some soundcards where the standard jacks can be switched between normal (analog) and S/PDIF (digital) output in the driver program, but here you’ll definitely have to use the dedicated digital connectors (possibly with another cable than before).

Well, I don’t have a S/PDIF cable to try it with. But, I found if I stick the green plug from the speakers into the S/PDIF

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To repeat,
Well, I don’t have a S/PDIF cable to try it with. But, I found if I stick the green plug from the speakers into the S/PDIF port, I can get my speakers to work. Very loud and kinda cracky, but they work. It really doesn’t fit in that port. Apparently the other plug is shorter. So I can either get a S/PDIF cable, or new speakers. What do ya think?

Depends on whether you like the speakers, I suppose. The cable can only be a couple bucks and a digital connection is (theoretically) better than an analog one. The cracking should go away with the proper connector attached and I assume the volume can be turned down further through software.

Personally, I don’t use PC-speakers but connect the soundcard with my receiver. :slight_smile:

Speakers…I thought so.