ASUS A7N8X-E motherboard

Where do I plug my USB port wires into? Can anyone give me a diagram or anything? Help me, please…or does anyone know why when I turn on my computer it says Verifying DMI information or something like that and it just gets frozen on that screen. Please help me…I need help as you can see. :bow: :iagree: :sad:

If you mean your USB Ports to motherboard, you plug the foolproof plug into JUSB_1 then any extras into JUSB_2 and _3. These are usually a square brightly colored plug. As for failing bootup there can be many causes generally they are poorly seated devices or incorrectly fitted components.

The USB ports are outlined in red and yellow, as far as your DMI error goes, I wouldnt know. Im not that familiar with the A7N8x’s.

you mean onto to the mobo, srry :doh:

Read the manual, you can find it on Asus website as for the DMI issue try removing any PCI cards that’s installed. If that doesn’t help reset CMOS. If you still get it you have a faulty motherboard.