Asus a7n8x-deluxe and SI680 Raid IDE Controller problem

I have just bought an ATA 133 Raid controller with the SI680 chipset with 2 caviar hard drives and have attempted to Raid 0 them together. I power up with only the two drives connected to the controller and my DVD-Rom drive connected to the Asus motherboard. No other hard drives are connected at all, either to the motherboard or the controller card.

I configure the Raid 0 by pressing F3 on the bootup, i insert the Windows XP CD into the drive, i put my SI680 floppy in and windows reads it in as a controller card then allows me to format the Raid drives as a single drive and begins copying the files onto the Hard Drive.

Everything seems to go fine until the first reboot where it sits there for a few seconds asking if i want to boot from the CD again to press a key, i don’t press a key, screen goes black for 30 seconds then reboots again. It keeps doing this repeatedly stuck in a loop.

I have been into the BIOS of the Asus a7n8x-deluxe and have changed boot priority to SCSI first, CD-Rom first, HD0 and HD1 first, nothing seems to work. As soon as the Windows install performs the first reboot, it stops the install process.

I have tried the above with and without the onboard SATA controller of the Asus enabled.

I am beginning to think i have wasted my money buying this kit. Any ideas anybod please?


Used to have an A7N8X-D, and had loads of problems getting it to boot with a controller card running. I don’t think I ever got it to work. But, it should work with the onboard RAID disabled.
As I recall, the onboard SATA shares with PCI slot 3, so try the card in slot 2 and it might get detected first.

Also, make sure you are loading the correct driver for the card. There’s a chance this is not hardware related. You’re satisfied that everything is set right in the card BIOS?

Drop over to the AMDMB forums and see what you can find.