ASUS A7A266 heat trouble



I’ve bought a ASUS A7A266 with an AMD 1,333 Ghz processor.

After I updated the BIOS from 1003a to 1004 I get a heat problem. The temperatur begins with 60C if the PC strart and when I use the PC for heavy duty it goes to 70C+ and the hardware alarm rings (This happends whne the PC is closed), when I open the PC its gets around 68C still to high).

I changed the motherboard but after the updates it starts all over, and I need to update the bios else I can’t use my Ird divece.


i had an asus board the same as you… er. did it go hot.
hell yeah. it setfire to the warranty sticker. (while idling)


anyway - i’ll be getting the gigabyte board tomorow which I think is better- but will have to wait and see…

is it still hot on your 2nd board?