Asus 52x or Plextor 48x writer?

Looking to change my Plextor 24x writer. Have been very interested in this ASUS 52x model, would it be the one to go for?

  • seems to be THE drive to copy everything
  • concern 1: noise? how loud is it compared to say the Plextor 48x?
  • concern 2: support? noticed that although asus have updated the firmware, they haven’t listed what has been done. Also owning an asus graphics card I know that they can’t be bothered to update their own customised drivers EVER… unless they release a new product model (thus, must use Nvidia drivers which aren’t ‘quite’ as good). What’s their record on this for writers?

Was going to purchase the Plextor 48x since got good reviews and I’ve liked my Plextor 24x. But hardware wise the reviews of the Asus ‘seem’ better? Only concern with the Plextor is copying ability.

The continuous updates of CloneCD, Blindwrite and Alcohol have just now confused me - does the hardware STILL matter, or do these programmes now overcome this?

The Asus is better than the Plextor for burning Safedisk protected games. If you already have a 24x plex, use that for some of the audio protection that the Asus can’t copy, and get the ASUS for games

I’ll be selling the Plextor 24x on, so unfortunately that’s not an option.

Does the hardware still matter with copy protections then? Like I said I’m confused by all the software updates.

What about noise, build quality and support? Any thoughts, anybody?

Yes the hardware does matter for copy protection. I also have the plex 24x as well as their older scsi drives and I can not make a perfect back up of any game that is protected by safedisk 2.5 or higher. For games, you want to make sure that the drive can write irregular bit patterns .

I ordered the new Liteon 52x burner… I would have gotten the ASUS but I ordered thei Lite 0n DVD too and wanted a matching set. Since I already have plextors, I am all set in the audio department…

What kind of reader do you have?

The reader is a Toshiba 1612 DVD-ROM, which I’ve not had that long and which I purchased to replace an older Pioneer, since it was very well rated.

Hmm I dont know if that reader can beat all the audio protections.

Not too bothered about beating audio protections.

I’m more bothered about support, since as stated above I’ve not found ASUS too hot for their graphics cards (though apparently it’s good for mainboards).