Asus 5224A

I dont know if this has been posted here before but im havin some problem with my burner.

Whenever i put my cd it takes around 10 seconds to get detected while the same cd get detected in 3 seconds in my old creative 32x drive.

My firmware version is 1.36 (Is it the latest)

What shld i do solve this problem.

It might be that this particular Asus burner has very bad disc recognition times.
I’ve had a few BTC drives that did the same thing, it took 10 times as long to detect media than other compareable drives.

This is firmware version 1.40 which has been posted on march this year.

Change your mode to PIO from DMA before flashing or else face problems.

Update to the latest firmware to see if the problem goes away, 10 seconds is a bit too long for any drive and if this persists after the update, I would think of cleaning the laser.

Thx Arup, will try it tonight and post the results.

You are most welcome Sumeet, good luck.