ASUS 5224a



i purchased a asus cdrw 2524a and it write on it
designed in tiwan-manifactured at jinuary 2003
is that mean it made i tiwan

or made in china but just designed in tiwan

the device not write to it made in ???

another thing which more good?

use nero program come with the device or easy creator 5

is it easy creator 5 support all options of device

and i ask about the quilty of CD is it effect if i burn in high speed write 40 X for example

when i low this speed is it more good to the quilty or not

and how i can detect the quilty of my burnt cd

when i scan idsc from nero cd speed program

it always detect that 99.90 % ok
and the final cluster is unreadable is that ok due to i aleays finilize my cd or what


NO one answer!!!:eek:

another question

i upgrated my firmware to version 1.35 from my stock one 1.2

using asus exe how can i know there is all thing fine?

and mu driver not effected

pls any ne know any answer of my all questions above not cheep for answer to me

PLEASE:bow: :bow: :bow:


I would say that Nero is better than Easy CD creator. If the drive is able to burn CD’s and read them too, then the drive is all fine :slight_smile: