Asus 5224a writting quality



i have an asus 5224a (firm 1.2)
I tried to burn an image (.bin/.cue) with alcohol 120% 1.4.0
with a memorex 700MO 12X at 8X.
I’m on windows xp (p4 board)
Then i tried quality check in nero (read with toshiba 1612 dvd reader)

So i tried to burn the image with nero, same result.
I really don’t understand this errors !!!
I flash the drive with firm 1.10 and burn the image with alcohol on a BX motherboard (bh6) :same result !!
I really don’ understand why there are such errors (burn a 8X !!).

What’s wrong ?
Is asus 5224a crap !!!:confused:

ps: image is a bit slow to display.


maybe it comes from the toshiba 1612 ?
i really don’t know :confused:


when reading from the asus, it’s ok, no error…


memorex 700MO 12X

Certainly not the ideal media for a 52x drive. You shouldn’t draw any conclusions based on that media.