ASUS 5224A Explodes with a BANG!

heard of this happening. never thought i would see it on a system of mine. i was ripping audio tracks of a blink 182 cd. using dbpoweramp. 25% complete. then POW ! cd shrapnel explodes from out the front of the drive like a bullet, landing 15 feet away on the other side of the room. pieces of cd would have gone straight through a childs leg had one been standing near. gave me the fright of my life. always hated the asus 5224a. worst drive i ever used…and i have 2 [now one] of them.

christ, sue the bstrds!, is the system alright?

i wont sue them…but i feel like it. fortunately all pieces came flying out the front of the drive, also taking the tray’s front panel with it. no internal PC hardware damage was caused. Phew !

imagine that at eye level could have been much worse, apparently it is more common than people think, perhaps we should have a sticky about this sort of thing

Sent it back to ASUS in a bag and politley ask them for a nice new Motherboard or Video Card of your choice of course! Really lucky it damage your PC.

Just curious, how is a shattered CD the drive’s fault? Generally it’s a faulty CD that comes apart. What happens next is a matter of chance.

very, very good point. however, one of my earliest posts here @ cdfreaks was in regard to the noisey bumping, grinding, and revving up/down of this asus drive. and now it has claimed the life of one of my favourite cds…and i am unhappy.

I still have a working Asus 5224A … wanna buy it? :slight_smile:

lol, no way. i would not use it if you gave it to me

What speed was the disc being ripped at? Just asking because I remember a company that put 48x on their discs, even though they would happily spin at 52x, to get out of replacing drives.
It is more common than expected for discs to explode in drives while spinning at top speed. All it needs is a slight flaw in the disc, and then we’ve got an ‘interesting’ situation.

Just thought I would put in their response so you can work out a counter before they even come with that line.


I am afraid that I will have to “ape” your comments about the drive story… :iagree:


buy it, HA HA, put on eBay. :bigsmile:

Similar situation has happened to me before…Except in my case, It was on a Lite-On 40X CDRW drive.
Happened 2 yrs ago. My starcraft CD was always in the drive and at one point in time, I loaded starcraft, and the cd exploded (although no pieces flew 15ft, more like 5ft). Most of the pieces were still in the drive, I made sure I removed all pieces and cleaned the drive. Still works like a charm today, and I never considered getting a replacement.

I still have no idea if it was the drive that was at fault, or the CD.

I also think it’s more a CD-related issue than it is related to the device. Just blew up my Lite-on SOHW-812S while ripping an audio cd… Carefully cleaned out the shrapnel, but it doesn’t work anymore :frowning:

I had a DVD do that to me once. It was a movie that the disk got damaged, it had little cracks on the outside edge of it. I’m not really sure what happened to it, but it wasn’t quite a full disk, so the cracks didn’t affet the data. I didn’t want to risk my good Lite-On drive, so I used an old hitatchi 12x DVD-ROM, and used the CD bremse program to limit the speed of the drive. Then I put super glue on all the cracks in an attempt to save the disk. It didn’t work, I actually got the disk ripped, but I forgot about the disk being in the drive! When I restarted CD bremse wasn’t running any more, and it spun up to full speed! Kapow crunch crunch grind rattle rattle! The front of the drive hit the chair right between my legs (top drive bay is slightly below crotch level), 2 inches higher and OWWWWW! Then there were a few chunks of DVD that hit my legs, but I had blue jeans on so it didn’t hurt. I’m just glad I had the chair all the way up that day, my brother likes to put it down a little! Yep, that could have been ugly, instant vasectomy! I don’t like high speed drives @ eye level, I always point the tower away from me if I have it on my desk. I’ve seen a few disks come apart in the drive, but that was the worst! My friend had one come apart and cut his forehead! Usually it is a screwed disk, and spinning that fast, it doesn’t take much! So, I would keep all your high speed drives pointed away from your face, and anything else that might hurt! :iagree: :o