Asus 5224A burner and unfortunately it keeps coming up with errors

Ok well WC3 burnt right but now when I go to play it says it cant find the cd. Now I need to enable the “Hide CDR Media” in clone cd before the game will play I have to do this even when I’m trying to read in my DVD drive is there any way around this? Because I thought I only had to turn that option on when I was running the cd from the burner. The burner I have is the ASUS 5224A thanks for the help.

First of, this aint an “error” as you claim in the the thread’s title. As you said it yourself, this has to be when reading the backed-up game from a drive capable of reading ATIP, as all burners do. In addition, there are some other drives capable of reading ATIP too, which unfortunately seems to be the case here too. There’s no other way to deal with this, Hide CDR media has to be enabled.