Asus 5224 install problem in Win 98 with Nero 5.5

I have installed Asus 5224 drive and computer has detected it no problem but when I tried to install Nero 5.5 which comes with it, it has stated ‘This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down’

That is in Win 98 but I tried using it on my Win Me system, it has installed no problem.

And I have put the game CD on CD-RW, it states that it is not accessable and that it is not functioning but funny thing is I put Nero 5.5 on same drive, it is no problem but stated it ‘illegal’, its same with other DVD drive. I can open it and browse through files/folders.

I am thinking it could be that Nero program cannot run in Win 98 and CD-RW drive cannot run without driver from Nero 5.5. What do u think?

I’m kind of confused as I have been installed CD-RW to my computer no problem but I am not sure if its Window 98 issue?