ASUS 5224 - Dead?



I have just purchased an Asus CD burner (5224a). The unit was fully functional a few hours back, until I attempted to burn a cd. It wouldn’t burn a cd…okay so I thought that perhaps the 5224 was incompatible with clonecd…nope. I then proceeded to obtain the 1.35 flash .exe from asus… . Flashed it successfully and now it has the reading and writing capabilities of a blind fish impaled on a cocktail stick. ARG. It simply won’t work. Bios and windows both detect the device. When I insert a cd the read led flickers for a while and then stops. What should I do?


I use win xp pro

2600xp AMD
512mb ddr400
maxtor 80 gb 7200
ls120 sec slave
5224 sec master
gigabyte mb


Try it in another comp if you can. Then RMA it if it dont work.


Ok. Have an old comp I can test it on. Just hoping for a quick fix… . thanks)