I recently bought an Asus 52/24/52 drive. Writing data is just fine and fast, but audiofiles better stay away from this one.

Listen to this horror story: as I’m very picky on audio I only download the finest MP3 crop, and when I extract audio from cd, I always go for a non compressed format. So, all the audiofiles were of a decent to excellent quality.

Here we go for the first audiocompilation: quiet passages get filled with audio jitter (digital added noise and interference noises), especially noticeble in the fade out / fade in areas of a song (which the original files on the harddisk don’t have), and I only wrote on 4 speed (lower is not possible when using Nero or Easy CD Creator with this drive).

So, I checked the cables, first used Nero, then Easy CD Creator, but the result stayed the same. Data goes down well, but writing audio sucks, if you are an audiofile. Then I used different media: FUJI, TDK, PHILIPS, but no change.

I’m using a Pentium II 233 mhz, 128 MB RAM, with Windows SE and used latest version of Nero and Easy Cd Creator. The soundcard is a Soundblaster AWE64 gold (and this one worked fine with my former trusted drive: an old Philips with a maximum of 4 speed writing, but it did a far better audiojob than the Asus.

If anyone has any ideas to get the audiojitter out, what to do to get the audio jitter away? Please, send me an email as I don’t check this spot so very much.

well, i dont think your processor is up to the task of doing much of anything. that may be your problrm, your processot probobally cant process the audio fast anough to burn it. try running the burner at a slower speed and see if that does anything

Hey Marcuse,

Thanks for your reply on the above subject.

If my processor is to slow, how comes the ASUS doesn’t make a problem of writing data-cd roms (even when I write at 24 speed)? In the manual of the ASUS it’s stated that a Pentium I 166 is enough.

Is the processor more depended on when writing audiofiles, than datafiles?

Do you own an Asus, and how is your experience when writing audio cd’s?

Well, a lot of questions, but this problem is really puzzling to me, since the old Philips writer in the same computer, does a better job than the new Asus. Problem is also, that in Nero or Easy CD Creator you can not select a speed lower than 4 speed (which needs less processor power -may’be there is a way around this?-.

Well, thanks for responding. May’be you have some more ideas, let me know.



The processor is more depended on when writing audio files because it must decode everything to WAV format. it doesn’t really have to do much of anything when writing data. Are the cables that you are using to connect the drive the same ones that you were using with your previous burner?

Thx everybody for writing in on the ASUS problem on the message board.

You gave the right solution. Although, the ASUS manual states that a Pentium 166 is enough, in practice even a Pentium II 233 is not up to the task of writing decent audiocd’s when the converting of MP3’s to Wav’s is done at the same time as burning.

I decompressed the downloaded MP3’s to Wav-format before burning, and this reduces the audio jitter for at least half.

However, although the writer is very decent and fast, when it comes to writing data, it isn’t spectacular at all when listening to CD’s. I compared a Philips PCRW404 and the Asus CRW-5224 in the same machine, listening with a decent headphone (Beyer Dynamic DT 911) thru the front end jack, and the Philips does a much better job of playing audiocd’s. More detailed and less noise.

Thx again everybody for writing in

Ronald Clercx

You will also see error problems when writing at 4x on a 52x burner, especially with high speed media. I burn audio all the time at 32x-40x, and I cannot hear any difference in quality.

Well, after one more evening experimenting with different configurations (switching power, sound & idecables I think I can tell you my final opinion on the Asus 52/24/52 (CRW-5224 A).

It’s as you say a playback problem or better said a poor drive for audioplayback.

The Philips PCRW 404 is an internal ide writer (old skool max. 4 times writing speed). But when it comes to audioplayback it beats the new ASUS hands down. I used a very dynamic audiocd, and listened with a Beyer Dynamic headphone, only using the frontjacks (to make sure it was not a soundcard problem). The ASUS in audioplayback mode sounds very flimpsy, and their is a lot of harmonical distortion going on, very noticeble when you crank up the volume. The Philips however, even at loud frontjackvolume sounds clear and full. When listening to both drives thru the soundcard, the problem for the ASUS is even more noticeble, especially when you got 3D enhancers working.

To be sure, I switched the drives of position (may’be their was an interference problem going on from the power block of the computer), but this didn’t change the poor audioplayback of the ASUS.

Could it be that in order to win the speed writing race, ASUS has a problem shielding the drive (I mean the high-powered drive mechanism interferes with the audioplayback?) or have cut costs on the audioplayback? Four days ago I wrote in to the ASUS helpdesk, but they stay silent.

ASUS: makes a great job of fast burning, but when you want to use this drive as an audioplayback drive, you’d better look somewhere else.

Thx for writing in.

Ronald Clercx