Asus 4812A?

I just found out that there is Asus 4812A. I do not find this at Asus site.

Is there someone have this 4812A firmware? If so, please let me know. because of the 12 speed of rewrite, I could guess that I can O/C my 3212A to this model.

thank you very much

I don’t know of a 4812A, but you could try using Asus CRW-4012A firmware.

Oh yes, I’ve done it before. I’ve turned my CRW 3212A into 4012A last year until now. 2 days ago, I read on FutureProof’s post, and he mentioned about Asus CRW 4812A, and I saw the picture somewhere and the pic shows 48x12x48x. but never found it on Asus Website.