ASUS 40X takes 3.48 Minutes


I just bought a ASUS 40X CDRW Drive.

I tried to burn a 650MB ISO file and it took 3.48 minutes !!!

Why such a long time ? I was using a 40X Certified medium.

I used Nero that came bundled with the drive.

I have a 80 GB 7200 RPM HDD, Athlon XP 1.7 GHz. System is fast enough.

Please help me !!!


Just before burning, make sure Nero is set to 40x. There should be an option in Nero for checking the media as it burns for your drive (This known as Safeburn in Yamaha drives and SmartBurn in Liteon Drives) and this will limit the speed if senses that the recording quality may be affected if it writes at full speed. It’s called FlextraSpeed in the ASUS drive. My Liteon 40125 (overclocked) limits the writing on 40x Tevion media to 32x and doesn’t give the 40x option unless I disable SmartBurn.

Another thing that affects speed is Zone-CLV. You’ll notice this taking effect when hear the CD spin up a few times during the burning process. When the drive has to spin up for the next zone, it pauses for 5 - 10 seconds. PCAV writing (as in Liteon 40x drives) keeps the drive at the same angular speed until it reaches the top speed and then uses CLV from there on. My Liteon use to take 3m38s with Zone-CLV at 32x and once I got the firmware updated to 40125S, it took 3m14s using PCAV at 32x.

Your computers high speed & good HDD performance should have no effect at all on the burning performance. The Liteon use to take 3m38s at 32x Zone-CLV on a Pentium II 400 with a 20GB hard drive. :wink:

If found info on your drive at:


I also tested the CDR after burning - using Nero Test CD option.

It gave lots of error.

I had a SONY 16X CD WRITER - It never gave any errors !!!

Sony Rocks :slight_smile:

I am diappointed by ASUS CD WRITER - didnt improve speed - takes 3.4x sec per CD and also givein errors :frowning:

I will never buy a ASUS CD WRITER.

I should have bought SONY.


I would send that ASUS back if the CDs it write are poor quality, especially while it’s still under warrenty. My Liteon 32123S overclocked to 40x hasn’t given any trouble writing CDs yet and this includes writing to low quality CDs.

Also, from what I read, Sony have been known to rebadge other drives; especially the Liteon. If your Sony is a rebadged Liteon, then you should have a very reliable drive. 16X takes about 5 minutes to write a 700MB CD, so just take a short tea/coffee break while burning a CD. :slight_smile:


I have uploaded a image - which shows errors while testing the CDR.

If I read normally - it reads them without any errors.

But when I tested them in Nero some errors cropped up :

I even burned them at 32X but still I get the same errors !!!

I used a 40X SAMSUNG Media.

Never had such problems with SONY :slight_smile:



Thanks to everyone :slight_smile:

I replace ASUS 40X with a SONY 40X - now I am quite contended.