Asus 3D monitor is world's largest



Asus 3D monitor is world’s largest.

[newsimage][/newsimage]While television makers clamor to get their 3D TVs to market, Asus and other computer hardware companies are already battling for 3D monitor supremacy.

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Asus to World: Mines bigger than your is!

I’m assuming that the model is a 27" from the model no# …


Yeah, don’t know why that wasn’t in there. I’ve updated for clarification.


I’m holding out for holographic emitter pads.


I like, hologgraphic is the way to go.


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“Still, I won’t consider a purchase unless I know the monitor will work with the Playstation 3’s upcoming 3D support, and it’s not clear whether any of the products out today can do it.”

The answer is: No. No monitors currently released or in planning publicly are capable of 3D with a playstation 3 or external 3d blu-ray player or external 3d hdtv receiver. All of these require an HDMI 1.4a input which does not exist on any current or planned monitor. The only 3D that these monitors (the 120hz variety) are capable of is while attached to a PC by way of dual link DVI, using Nvidia 3D Vision glasses kits with video games, video files and blu-ray disc drives attached to the computer directly.

3D PS3 support cannot be added to these monitors. They just do not have the correct HDMI receiving chip inside to decode what it will be outputting. It will just show up as “No Signal” when attached to the HDMI port. The only feesible way this could ever happen is if some company designed an external HDMI 1.4a to dual-link DVI adapter for the PS3. Such a device would sell in such low numbers that it is unlikely to ever show up in reality.