ASUS 24x burner



I just posted the article ASUS 24x burner….

Thanx to one of our most loyal newssubmitters mr Seb we now know that a 24x burner by Asus is coming up…

Soon, ASUS should announce a 24x burner based on mechanics SANYO BP1500.

It will…

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Well, 1 thing i know: To go to the 6th floor you have to pass the 5th :slight_smile:


Odd… I’ve seen stuff on their 20x drives based on Ricoh technology. They’ve used Ricoh in the past but maybe they’re switching in mid stream.


“based on mechanics SANYO BP1500” Is it based on or do they just put another front on it?


I’ll wait for plextor to release one


Doesn’t a Plex use the same stuff Sanyo does?! 24x… 2 bad there aren’t any 24x certified CDR’s! :slight_smile: