Asus 24B5ST / Liteon 124 C



I’m about to purchase the Asus 24B5ST and wanted to check that I could flash firmware that will allow me to change the bitsetting on +R and +RW (By default I think it can only +R9)

ThoughI suspect it is the case, can somebody confirm that crossflashing to the LiteOn ROM will allow me to do that.



Why not just buy a real Lite-On in the first place if that’s all you intend to do with it?!


Oh I am honoured the author of a program I’ve been using for years has replied in my thread! (Many thanks for that!!) Even if said reply is only seeking justification for my post. :wink:

I’m not really in desperate need of a DVDRW but sometimes for heavy burning sessions it would be nice to have 2. There is a Asus going cheap on a forum and pretty much the only requirement I have before getting it is making sure I can change the bitsetting as pretty much all my blank DVD’s are TayoYuden T02.


I was gonna say that the LiteON is actually cheaper than the equivalent ASUS atm at newegg, but then I saw you lived in the UK
Can’t help ya man, good luck


Oh so the Asus is 2nd hand?

You can get a new iHAS124 D delivered for £15. At that price, I wouldn’t even be looking round for ways to get a drive any cheaper.

Best of luck with whatever you decide to do :slight_smile: