Asus 20b1lt



I have recently put a new system together and decided to get the ASUS 20B1LT optical drive. I have Verbatim DVD+R Lightscribe media but I cannot get anything to burn to these disks. I’ve used CloneDVD2, Nero 8, and ImgBurn and can’t get anything to work. Any tips or should I just replace the drive?


Welcome to the Forum ragingmoose

Have you tried any other media besides the Verb LS discs?

What are you trying to burn to the media, ISO, DVD Video folders, or data?

You can read a recent review on this driver here:


I’ve burned bootable disks and movies both onto DVD-R media without a problem. They were memorex disks. I read the +r part of the review before I posted and searched several other sites and seems like no one else has had this problem. Y’all seemed to be most intelligent and experienced so I posted here :slight_smile:


oh sorry I haven’t tried to burn anything to the +R disks but movie files. Ive tried about 5 now.