Asus 1610a vs securom new (blindwrite/read)


images read with: asus 1610a via blindread 4.2.2

options used:

1 Authorize the use of alternative read method
2 extract subcodes
3 image file output format - Blindwrite BWT; BWI, BWS

bwa files read with: sony ddu-1621

written with: blindwrite

1 the following files were all placed in the same dir before burning


2 Load .BWT file

3 Writing mode - DAO Pw


Hitman 2: silent assassin - working copy (install/plays on multiple drives/pcs)

Unreal Tournament 2k3 - working copy (install/plays on multiple drives/pcs)

NeverWinter NIghts - Non-Working copy (install, but refuses to play) note: only tested at based version 1.10, not any of the updated ones from bioware.

so in conclusion, my burner isn’t supported by blindread/write, but 2 out of 3 securom games copy and work fine. anyone have any ideas what i could try to get a working copy of nwn? is it a case of bad settings? blindwrite/read not able to burn nwn? or is it the fact that my burner isn’t supported that is hindering my ability to burn nwn? any input would be appriciated, thanks.