ASUS 1608P3S writing problem



I’ve recently bought the ASUS 1608P3S, installed it propertly with the latest 1.24 ASUS firmware update.
I’ve also got the latest version of Nero.
For some reason, my new burner recognize my blank X16 Xerox dvd+r only as a X12 compatible disc. I use those exact same discs on another PC with a sony burner, with no problem, being able to write DVDs at the max speed of X16.
Does anyone know what went wrong?


It seems to be cheap media, maybe even with a FAKE Dye/MID.

Try burning them at 8x or 12x and then scan them for quality.


The drive picks a speed it is comfortable with, the label on the packaging is usually irrelevant.

You can use tools like DVDInfoPro to determine the Media ID of the disc used by the drive to pick the speed.

Brother Vlad


As i said, my other Sony DVD burner did recognize them as X16, unlike the Asus who doesnt. How can i scan them for quality? for now, i burn them in X12 and they seem to work just fine.

[B]Added two pictures taken from dvd info pro[/B]


The Sony may be an Benq or other rebadge and using other write strategies for various media. Probably tests in the Pio labs have shown that this CMC MAG M01 media is not that good supported and therefore limited to 12x speed.

You could scan the disc using Nero cd dvd speed or DVDInfopro.


Pio (and that includes the rebadged Asus 1608P3S) has obviously limited “CMC MAG M01” media to 12x, and I’m glad they did! All these discs I encountered resulted in terrible quality scans when written @ 16x in any of my drives (BenQ1640/50, Lite-On 165H6S, Nec 3520) :Z . And even @ 12x, only the Pio had the cleanest burn quality! There are only few media that burn well at the advertised 16x speed. I guess you get what you paid for :frowning: .



excuse me, but would u mind to tell me who’s pio ?
if it has anything to do- my drive is set to DMA, not PIO.


PIO means Pioneer here. :wink:


so, to summarize all this story:
while burning with those media, i should just face the unchanged fact of burning in 12x?