ASUS 1608P3S (Pio 111) and bad MKM001 batch?

I’ve seen some good burns at 6X with this burner. But when I tried it myself with ImgBurn, the scan is ugly. Could it be a bad batch of 20-disc spindle? firmware is 1.24.

1st scan burned at 6X
2nd scan burned at 4X

It has been reported that spindles with 20 DLs many times have “bad media” inside, resulting into bad burns.
That is the reason why I buy them only in jewelcases or 10er spindles…

I used to have high regard for Singapore made Verbs, and bought the spindle without asking too many questions. The sad thing is someone in the Verbatim boardroom must have made a conscious decision to package their off-spec products in these spindles.