Asus 1608P2S/Pio 110 cam't read pressed DVD!

I was playing my pressed DVDs fine on my 110 drive untill I played a disc I never played with the 110 before “Cast Away” , the second extra disc plays fine , but the first Movie disc can’t be read , I played it in other 108 drive and it worked just fine and other DVDs also work fine on 110 , I tried to play the movie with powerdvd and it played the intro first then stopped after trying hard to read it , I also used dvdinfo pro to scan for CRC errors and found that this particular disc spins VERY slowly , and no crc “red” errors.
What is the problem here ?

Use another copy.

Copy of what ? it is a commercial pressed DVD that I’ve never thought abought making copies from it :frowning:

It is still a copy even if it is a pressed one.

Maybe you also have to clean the 110. Always possible.

Thank ou for your reply , I managed to make it work by reducing speed to 2x with Nero Drivespeed :slight_smile:
I don’t think that 110 is good enough for reading , maybe good in writing but anyway I can’t tell coz I only have it , time to get a Benq :iagree:

The 110 is good enough for reading, without doubt.

Scan these obscure DVD for quality and probably you’ll be shocked.

I only have the 110 , I am gonna get Sony 810A and crossflash it to Benq 1640 , just for reading and making valid scans