Asus 1608P help needed (picture included)

Hello people.

Before 10 days I got problem with Asus 1608P. DVD-drive was working very well and then sudenly stoped…

I have done everything like pluging cable in out, or changing master/slave functions. Then I flashed my DVD-drive on 1.59 version and everything was same. I decided to opet it. When I open it, I have seen “sponge” was not in place, or better to say it was stuck on right side…

So it looks like this in picture;

But “sponge” was stucked more, but i have pulled it out… So now I dont know how to put it together.

Can somebody help me? Thx. :sad:

i assume the fact you opend it means your warranty ran out , i really cant help on this one , take it to some electronics repair shop im sure they will know how get it fixed assuming you havnt messed it up too much , anyway take a smart advice: leave what you dont know to the pro’s , if you dont know how to get something done dont try to do it yourself

I fixed it now! But i removed that “sponge” part… Now DVD-drive is working, and doing all fine. I didnt have warranty anymore so I open it.

But what for is this “sponge”?? any1?

or at least so you think , just cuz you think you fixed it doesnt mean it will actually work as it should…


I have done some backup on my music. Copied 2DVD, and it is working. I installed some games, and they all are working… Im not having problems now with driver, just “sponge” is mistery to me. :smiley:

The sponge looks like it came off the center hub of a cakebox.