Asus 1608p flashed to a09xl burning probs


I have cross-flashed my asus 1608p to a a09xl 1.58. Ripping is great with higher speeds than just a dvr109 firmware. However, there is something wrong with burning.

Not only does it take 3 times as long to burn using an a09xl 1.58 firmware but it also makes a weird up and down sound. Also, when I just tried to burn a DVD just then it took ages to finalise the disc. Like it was in there for like 15minutes after it was on 100% i had to restart the computer to get the disc out. Weirdly the disc is perfectly fine and working.

I have read so much about flashing to the a09xl firmware to get the quiet drive feature which is great. But why is this just no good for burning? Or am I doing something wrong?


The drive has to be run in UDMA4 mode.

How do I do that?

Does my motherboard need to be able to support udma 4 or is it all in the cable?

Both have to support UDMA4 mode.