Asus 1608P -- DVR109

MMM Nice drive.
No bitsetting ,poss firmware addition in future me hopes.
Not supported yet by many burning utils ,these include Nero and Alcohol 120.
Too early to make any major judgement on the drive till software support available.
But if anyone fancies altering a firmware to include bitsetting or change media burn characteristics ( such as Omnipatcher for LiteON), then I’ll probably use it.

Any reviews on this drive (Asus DRW1608P) from reputable source would be good to see.

Flash it with the Buffalo 109 FW and you’ll have bitsetting. :iagree:

i use both latest Nero and Alcohol 120% with my 109 [flashed to a09xl] without problem.

If I flash this drive with either A09 F/W or Buffalo F/W can I return it back to Asus should anything go horribly wrong ??

if u have the asus kernel AND normal firmware files, yes. use dvrupdate

Buffalo 109 FW Where can I find this F/W or does the A09xl F/W support booktype as well.?

Te a09 firmware doesnt support booktype