Asus 1608 P3S DVD/RW won't open

I’ve been trying now for past few months to get my Asus 1608 p3s to work but it won’t open or do anything but the lite is constant for a few minutes then goes off.

I got a new HD it worked fine then one day I went to use it after like2 months no use & I came into this problem.

I’m running WD 80gb/Asus P4 800 Deluxe, Bios 1019, no over clocking or unecessary progs installed on this drive.

I can manually open the drive but that’s about all I can do.

I was considering upgrading the firmware/crossflashing from the oem ASUS DRW-1608P3S firmware version 1.24 to the buffalo 111L but not sure if that will make things worse.

Any help is appreciated, I’ve done what troubleshooting I can uninstalling manually etc.

Thanks Mojava

Make sure you drive and HDD are not on the same cable?

Make sure you have latest mobo chipset drivers installed and disable the windoze XP crap ATAPI burning services.

BTW, Burner and/or HDD on same IDE cable has nothing to do with it.

Ya sorry I forgot to say I have 260gb seagate for storage/slave (no raid) & as far as the chipset drivers I’ve got the latest from what Asus/Intel put out.

I’m hookin this dvd/rw up to wife’s pc to see if there’s any issues there.

Atapi burning device by windows is not an issue here as pnp disabled thru bios.



Update…my wife’s pc recognises the drive as it does in mine but won’t open which means I’m still stuck if I don’t flash the drive with the buffalo firmware (imo I don’t think it will help).

No, flash with the OFFICIAL firmware.

In another thread I saw where a user of another brand drive opened up the drive, cleaned the pulley and drive belt with alcohol and greased some parts which fixed his problem. I don’t know if your drive may be similarly engineered, but you might take a look to see. If all else fails you might simply replace the drive since they are so inexpensive. Yesterday I saw where Fry’s had a 1 day sale for $20 after rebate on a Pioneer 112D.

It’s been flashed with latest asus firmware & still no changes.

I’ve run out of patience it’s about to become a door stop!!!:doh:

Ya it’s nice when u live in the USA & have competition but where
I live shit is expensive as hell.