Asus 1604P VS LG 4163B

Hy i am new here!

I am about to buy a DVD burner and i am down to does to drives:Asus 1604P or LG 4163B!Can you plz help me on a choice?I just want a good DVD burner that writes good DVDs!

Thank you!

Ok now i am more confused!Asus in pioneer oem,and there is almost no diference in that thread betwen LG and Pioneer!And still i get to the question:wich to buy?

go and read the Pioneer and LG forum and decide for yourself, nobody can make the chocie for you.

Buy them both and you won’t have to worry. I’m with Mr. Brownstone, make a decision and live with it. No guarantees in life.

Can’t buy them both,don’t have that much money!Can’t u plz give me a straith answer?I realy need you’re help,coze i really don’t know what to buy!


I Own A LG-GSA-4163B And I’am Very Happy With It.
I’ll Go A LG-GSA-4163B (My Personal View)

I would say, go for the LG GSA-4163B. It’s one of the fastest drives available and can read and write DVD-RAM … although the majority doesn’t use it. :confused:

I dont need DVD-RAM!I will never use that!And i will not use DL for now because DVDs DL are to expensive!I just want a DVD burner that wont do problem and wreck DVDs!Ok i will go LG then!Thanks to all for the good advices!

Can some one plz tell me the diference between LG GSA-4163B-BB and LG GSA-4163B??

I cand find only LG GSA-4163B-BB and i dont know what is it???

No one knows what BB stands for?

It stands for Bulk or OEM.