Asus 1604p problems

hi. i have a asus 1604p and im quite satisfied with it. I was quite cheap and i think it deserved every euro. But lately i installed a modchip on my ps2, and i need to burn dvd-r (or +r) media at 2.4x maximum in order to have the videos to play smoothly on the ps2. I have updated the firmware to the latest available. I use TDK 8x dvds both + and - but im not allowed speeds lower than 4x in nero. This is really stupid, the dvds say 1x-8x and they can go up to 12x using my dvd recorder.

so any suggestions?


Ehm, that should be the reason for burning lower than 4x???
Naah, I don’t think so. The reason is another one.
The lowest speed for -R is 1x, for +R 2.4x. :wink:

i think u didnt get it. i need to get my burner to write at speeds lower or equal than 2.4x in order to play the discs on the ps2 properly. The ps2 lens has this disadvantage that it cant read ordinary dvd discs burned at high speeds properly.

so please tell me a way to burn at low speeds with my 1604p. it is insane to have such a fast burner and getting the low speeds hidden.

Burning slower on high speed media is not going to improve the ability to read that media. If the PS2 has problems with high speed media, it’s with the media itself, not the speed that it was burned. You may have noticed that lower speed media has a darker opaque material. A weak laser would have less proplems with it.

That is what I would underline.

so where am i going to find such lower speed media in the current market? do u know any place?

I’ve seen 2X media on sale at CompUSA quite frequently lately. I’d stock up on it if it works… The supply likely won’t be renewed in the future…