Asus 1604p poor burner or just too old to produce good quality burns?

Is it me or is my dvd burner just bad, all my dvd’s are burned crap to say the least, new dvdrw time? :

all 3 burned either in feb this year or march


Verbatims/tayo yuden:


Anyone have any hints on how to improve writing quality?
Tried all kinds of diff speeds ie the emtec @ 16x, the verb @ 12X and the fuji @ 8x.

Ritek media are not the very best, but you could try to repeat the scan with a more updated version of CD-DVD Speed (see links in my signature) :slight_smile:

I don’t have any experience of the Asus as a scanner, is it “trustworthy”? :slight_smile:

If it’s a rebranded benq I think that it should be reliable, but I confess that I don’t know :o

What about the verbatim wich is recognized as a tayo yuden, also not a really good burn :frowning:

I’m scannign with latest version by the way and so far results look same (for teh verbatim one) as in my previous post.

I must confess that I don’t know if your drive is a reliable scanner, but a similar scan for a verbatim TY disc is certainly not a good one :frowning:

Can you run also a transfer rate test of these discs?

Transfer rate of the verbatim.

Ill leave the other 2 for tomorrow as I have to get up early tomorrow (so going to sleep in 15 mins more or less) , anything about the transfer rate of it?

the TRT is good, so it seems that your drive is not a reliable scanner. It seems that there are some more errors on the external part of the disc, but it could be also that you need to set the cd-speed priority as High in general settings.

So scanning for po/pi is diff than reading, hmm, ill experiment with other dvd burners/readers, as i have more, all kinds of brands, NEC, More asus, Phillips, benq, prob is they’re my dad’s not mine, ill try scanning on different drives anyhow…

Thanks for all the responces everyone :slight_smile: :clap:

not all drives are reliable for scans. Maybe you are interested to this thread :slight_smile:

Out of the ones you listed, try a BenQ. :slight_smile: