ASUS 1604P I need burn at 2,4x

Yes, i need burn dvd 8x media at 2,4x or lower.
I know, the speed don´t affect…
But i have 8 playstation 2(5000x $ 7000x) and the burn speed is the answer.
The slims(7000x) don´t read dvds at 8x very well…frezze the game and other.
At 4x going well, but not ever.
At 2,4x rocks in all my plays…
But the dvd 4x media is dificult to find, almost impossible…
I need a firmware patch wich i can do it(burn dvd 8x media at 2,4x or lower)
Don´t argue with me… for me, thats the fact.
Thanks to read and for your help.
I really need this patch and i dont know where find it.
Thanks again!

Don´t argue with me… for me, thats the fact.

lol, that’s just bS and wishful thinking, I say.

You just think that you would need to burn at 2.4x.
Which so many consoles you’d be able to afford originals, wouldn’t you?!?

Anyway, the burnspeed has less to do with here, what counts is the media quality and burner.

ok, the media is ritek, here(argentina) ridata, and Mr verbatim.8x both of them.
I can buy 1 or two originals for a title, but not 8!
I read the img with the dvddecrypter and burnit with nero 6
And my friend, the burn speed affect the slim model of ps2, the olders one (3000x,5000x) are happy with 4x burn…but the slim…
Maybe the problen born in the chip(matrix) inside the ps2 slim…i dont know but i need a solution.
To the other way, i can buy a pioner 110 dvd burner and ptch de firmware.
Ptch the asus era the last thing before a buy the pioner…
Some help?