ASUS 1604P DUAL LAYER (RETAIL,16x16x16x) or PLEXTOR 712SA (SATA, RETAIL,12x8x12x)?

ASUS 1604P DUAL LAYER (RETAIL,16x16x16x) or PLEXTOR 712SA (SATA, RETAIL,12x8x12x) ??? Wich to buy? give some help, i heard that the asus dvd/r it s good enough and has also dual layer option… but any suggestions here ? :bow:

I forgot to mention that i also have an ASUS motherboard with an AMD athlon 64+ at 3.2 if can be of any help!

I’d go for the ASUS, due to the superiority of it in features. Dual Layer support is kind of a standard for now, plus that I haven’t heard the best for the Plextor 712 drive. Appart from the name, I see no reason to choose the 712.

Serial ATA is definetely pointless in terms of performance differences. All you might want it for is the thin cable. If you decide to go for the Plextor, I’d suggest the PATA model because it will be cheaper.

Thanks orion24 … i will go for the ASUS dvdr… be well :slight_smile: cheers

plex 712 dun even have DL burning. not worth it.