Asus 1604P and old MotherB please!


I have an old P4 1.7Mhz using an Asus P4b-M motherboard.

My DVD burner, is connect in the primary IDE channel as a Master, my HD is on the secondary channel…following some suggestions here on the forum.

Well,…it works very badly…ie. some original DVD’s give reading errors, the recording, even with different media, is always bad…

Tried to change to DMA mode…it’s even worse, it can only read media in PIO mode…

I’ve donwloaded the most recent drivers for the Mboard and the DVD burner…and even exchanged the Cables…nothing.

Can you guys gimme some hints?


Welcome :wink:

IIRC your drive is a rebadged Pioneer… and we have a Pioneer forum section.

This has proven to be truth for (old) VIA motherboards, not on Intel’s as I can remember.

Rearange your drives and put burner on secondary master.
And DMA has to be enabled, no matter what.

Thanks for the quick reply!

…I’ve rearranged the drives, actually, I started to use HD on the primary channel and Burner on the secondary one…
no matter what the configuartion is, if I enable the DMA, the DVD drive can’t seem to read or write any cd’s or dvd’s…
the HD seems to have UDMA2…the DVD can only work on PIO!


Try a new 80 wire IDE cable.

…it’s the 3rd 80 wires cable that I try! :sad:

Thanks anyway!

Install the ms IDE drivers.

?? ms IDE drivers??

Do you know where can I download them…tried Microsoft but came up empty.

Thanks for the help!

They are on the windooze OS CDs…

Thanks Chef!

Will give it a try!


Use the Devicemanager to uninstall the old and install those by ms.

Sorry, I uninstalled, installed again and nothing…any more suggestions?


You could try to clean the lens/drive and make some tests using Nero CD DVD Speed. :wink: