Assistence Needed

I don’t know if this is the place to ask, but I’ll ask anyway.

I am looking for a game that was predominately released in Japan in the late 1990s. I think it was relesed in America but other then that, I have no more infomation about it (other then the Wikipedia Article about it:)). I’ved looked on the internet for it, but only found sequels and the like. I will display the infomation I know below.

Genre: Survival Horror
Rekease Date: 1995, September 14 (Whoa!)
Mode: Single Player
Publisher: Human Entertainment
Platform’s: SNES, Playstation,WonderSwan,Windows 95

I am looking for the Windows 95 version of this game. If this Thread gets a serious amount of attention, and when I do more research I will place more infomation here. Thankyou for listening.

NOTE - I am mainly looking for a place either in the “Real World” or online to purchase this game.
(I post this because I saw a post with people asking people to help them name a game.)