Assiatnce in HD DVD R Authoring needed

Hey everyone,

new to the stie, but after extensive google searching this place seems to have the most HD DVD Ripping discussion, my question is does anyone here have any authoring expertise?

trying to put my first indie flick out ont he format using HD DVD R, since the second filmw as released on HD DVD back in march 2010.

I have 1100 blank discs, but have already made 6 coasters.

I am using a Toshiba SD-L912A USB Connected
RiDisc Single Layer HD DVD R
Used Nero Vision (Fail)
ULEAD MS 6 (fail)

tried using the guide on AVS Forums but that is for more crushing HD DVD to DVD 5/9

So does anyone here have any expertise in this field and what software I should be trying to scoop up to make this a reality?

Any help would be very appreciated


Hey, I have the burner myself, also have Risdic HD DVD-R media.

Could you post more info, eg. a logfile and most important the firmware from the drive?!
So far I only used Imgburn with HD DVD burning and never got a coaster! :flower:

You may check that and also the subforum there.

I will have to create another disc as I didn’t save the logfile because of course the software tells me the burn is successful but the players can’t read the discs.

The unit has firmware TS01

I have IMG burn, latest, but once again the players aren’t reading the discs. all players have firmware 4.0 from Toshiba, and are A30 and A35

I have attached the NERO 8 Log file from the latest rip of the HD DVD project to a folder on C; Drive

Log file (9.81 KB)

Phew, I would say there are 2 possible issues.
First, and this would be not for the first time, it could be that Nero itself produces not HD DVD standard compatible output files (encoding/authoring).
Second, and this could be easily elaborated and tested, is that both your players cannot really deal with self-authored and burned HD DVD discs. Sounds unlikely. but is possible.
Have you had the chance to rip a pressed HD DVD movie disc, and burning it to a HD DVD-R disc, and then testing it in your players yet??

BTW, your players can recognize the disc even they cannot play them back?!

I am definitely sure it is not the players. I have played HD DVD R authored movies in the player. One of the last HD DVD’s produced was my second film Deadlands 2; Trapped and it was an HD DVD R because finding stamping equipment wasn’t working.for the production.

I am thinking it is something in the authored files

Did you author & burn that other (first) movie by yourself?
If yes, which hardware were used?

No, the studio that originally released it did that.

double posted by accident

Have you checked the disks you made to see which HD files are there, \ADV_OBJ\ files and the \HVDVD_TS\ files? Can you list the files on the disk? Also, can you play the video from your hard drive with a software player?

I can play the video via NERO Showtime… ADV_OBJ does not exist as I am not doing ADV style menus. The HVDVD_TS folder and files in the folder are there.

I have attached a screenshot of the file list from the HVDVD_TS Folder

I looked at the Nero log and couldn’t determine which file system was chosen for the HD DVD. If you are using the EVO container it must be UDF 2.5. I don’t use Nero and I don’t know how one chooses it, but with Imgburn you can choose UDF 2.5. Do you know if you chose UDF 2.5?

I did using IMG Burn, as i noted the disc plays in a HD DVD Rom drive, but put it into a player with latest firmware it reads as NO DISC.

I am thinking there is some kind of issue with the lead in , or maybe the burn pattern… Not sure which it is. I have tried just about everything and all i can think at this point it is media related.

I don’t think it has anything to do with “lead-in” or “burn pattern” Burn speed maybe and/or quality of disk and I’m not certain the HD disk needs a booktype setting, you might want to do some research. I read somewhere that unicode support must be disabled and the booktype not set to DVD-ROM, but I can’t say for certain. Maybe chef will post back with some more input.

Huh, sorry, actually I have no clue what the real issue could be…
By chance, could you maybe test the HD DVD-R media in another (not Toshiba) BD player?
I have none yet, I only have the burners and a combo drive to test the media in. No problems so far…
Probably Nero isnt the best choice when it comes to HD DVD authoring. :slight_smile:

I figured NERO wouldn’t be the best, but ULEAD isn’t helping much either. I know I have went through 10 blank discs so far and results are the same. Plays in the ROM drive, not the players.

Just an UPDATE - I think i fixed this issue…

Using ULEAD and the HD DVD Advanced mode I was able to create a working 3XDVD (DVD 9 in HD DVD Format) Now when I did this i had it burn directly to disc, and it worked across all generation players…

What is interesting is that ULEAD allows you to have the funky Java Script type menus for 3X DVD in advanced mode, but in Standard mode where you get the 15 and 20gb HD DVD Option you can not do this at all…

So what I am doing, and I think this should work in theory is use the Advanced mode and over build past the 9gb limit… build it just like I would for a 15gb HD DVD, but create only an ISO and HDVD_TS folder system, then use IMG BURN to rip the ISo to an HD DVD 15gb and see if it works.

In theory this should work since 3X DVD is HD DVD structure and content… what is even cooler about this is that ulead allows you to build at 1920x1080… which 3XDVD really isn’t supposed to be capable of, but Son of a Bitty it worked, and played without flaw… So again what i did was overbuild the 3X format using ULEAD Advanced settings (12.96 gb) but am only creating an ISO and HDVD folder to the hard drive… tomorrow the render should be done and then I should be able to use IMG to rip the disc and hopefully this works… if it does I will write the guide for this in case anyone wants to build true HD DVD’s with adv menu structures that work and on a 15gb single layer disc.

Stay tuned.

Well, the ISo and file directories created and work in a PC environment, but once burned to disc it will not work… back to the drawing board.

Thank you for keeping us updated on this. I’m not sure I understand what you are actually burning to disk, “creating an ISO and HDVD folder to the hard drive”, why both? You either burn the iso or the folder. What do you mean “use IMG to rip the disc”? Trial and error is the age old method of progress. Good luck. Just curious as to whether you are booktyping the disks or not.

Hi Whappo,

Well i do both because I have mixed results with each build, some burn better with an ISO file, some burn better with the HDVD_TS Folder 9Using IMG BURN for both)

Ulead is so quirky in its creation methods that I have already made about 50 coasters… well, 30 work in 2nd generation uits, but not in 3rd generation units, but all discs work on an HD DVD ROM Drive.

I am not sure what you mean by booktyping… I am just doing whatever the software allows me to do, so booktyping is overhead, could you please explain…