Assessing the quality of my DVD burn

Hi all,

What are some good tools / guides for assessing the quality of the DVD+Rs I have burned (or overburned) with my Plextor PX-716A (or am assessing with my Lite-On Combo)?

I can’t make heads or tails out of Nero CD-DVD Speed yet (documentation is a bit out of date), but can anyone recommend comparable tools or guides for how to use them?



Nero CDSpeed is very easy to use. From Nero CDSPEED, go to EXTRA, select DISC QUALITY TEST, set SPEED to 8x and click start. If your quality score is 93 or above, you have a good burn. 88 to 92 is a fair burn, and anything below is poor.

Thanks for replying!

I am still a bit stuck. First, my menus don’t look like the ones you describe:

Second, while Nero CD-DVD Speed works with my Lite-On Combo, it has only limited use with my Plextor PX-716A. For example, when I switch to the “Disc Quality” tab and click “Start”, I always get a message saying “Error initializing test” before anything else happens. I upgraded CD-DVD Speed to the latest version (4.01), but my results are the same.

Re: quality scores. So my overburned Fujifilm DVD+R that gets an 83 is a “poor” burn, correct?

Again, thanks for the response, I really appreciate it.