Assembling a notebook in Tokyo

Does anyone know where I can buy all the required components (mobo, display etc) to assemble a notebook? Particularly in Tokyo.

Thought I’ll assemble a notebook, seeing that I normally save around 30% of the cost when I assemble a desktop…

if you do I’d be interested as I need a backlight for my 12.1" TFT screen on my old notebook.

Then just to figure it out how to change it.

Can you buy laptop-mobo’s and screens bulk in Japan? Cool!
Sorry I can’t help you but I didn’t even know you could assemble them yourself… :slight_smile:

I do know that there are people who have got their notebooks assembled. However, these are with the Japanese keyboards etc.

I`m looking for a place where I can buy components for 1 notebook, not in bulk :slight_smile:

were u able to assemble a notbook for your use? i also want to assemble one!!! can u advise me how to proceed?

I know some places in Seoul where they sell lots of various notebook components, adapters, cables, LCD panels of all size from 12-inch to 17-inch, etc. Motherboards are probably the most difficult to buy. Most are designed and produced in Taiwan and China, not in Tokyo, not in Seoul.

If you are not very familiar with the component market in Tokyo, I would advise you not to try anything. Just buy a Japanese-brand or Chinese-brand notebook there. If you really believe you can save about 30% just buying and assembling components yourself, I can tell you it’s more likely you are going to spend 30% MORE that way unless you know the market inside.