ASRock to improve your internet browsing - wait a minute!?

ASRock to improve your internet browsing - wait a minute!?.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Where we expected some new technology in ASRock motherboards, we were heavily suprised when we read this...

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Well it worked they got a lot of free advertising and the " As ASRock is well known for their innovative motherboards" comments out of you for it.

Yes, you read that right. ASRock has issued a press release announcing they will improve internet browsing and all they do is offering Google Chrome on their driver disk. What more to expect? They will enhance your computer security by adding AVG Free on their driver disk? Or increasing your multimedia experience by putting VLC on the disk? We can’t wait for more innovation!

You sound… dissapointed… :slight_smile:

Personally i think that mainboard/device manufacturers should stay the hell away from anything that has nothing to do with making a perfect driver system for every operating system out there.

But i get the “sponsorship” idea. Sometimes it makes hardware cheaper by adding crapware to their system. And you can put 4.5 Gb on a single dvd. Why waste it with just a measly driver of 250kb eh? :slight_smile:

It’s been a long time since a driver was only 250kB…
no wait … the drivers are still 250kB, but they come bundled in a 250MB installer which includes cross-promotional videos and images and music and crapware which the hardware vendor has “selected” (the highest bidder) to be relevant to its customers …