Asrock p4i65g which ddr high or low density

Hi Ya Crew
Have somewhat of a situation unsure whether to purchase high or low density ddr dimm for asrock socket 478 motherboard. At present I am using pc2100 but are tinking of using pc3200 but which should I use am upgrading to 2 gig from 512. Don’t want to get wrong one high or low density help on this would be greatfully accepted and apreciated

Thanks in advance


Hi / low density RAM???

Just check the mobo manual which RAM / DIMM you can use with the mobo.

Use the fastest memory that is supported by your motherboard. You might have to google, or read a few forums to find that out. For example: My dell 8400 calls for PC3200 or 400mhz ddr2 memory. By checking the Dell Support Forum, I found that PC4200 or 533mhz memory is supported and works fine, which is great for me, because I can purchase 533mhz memory for about 1/2 the price of the 400mhz memory, due to availability.

This may help