ASRock K7S8X rev 3.0 and Linux



Hi guys,
I’ve just upgraded my second computer “the workbench” (it was PIII 500 MHZ slot 1, MainB. GigaByte VIA chipset) with an ASRock K7S8X rev. 3.0 + AMD XP2400+ (very cheap stuff from Ebay) with 256MB DDR Pc3200.

With Windows XP Corporate+SP2 no problem, works fine, but I can’t install any Linux distro.
I have tried 2 different distro: Suse 9.1 and Mandrake 9.2 with the same result: a lot of writing errors on the Hard Disk.

This computer has also been used as a hardware firewall with Smoothwall, but even this one has got the same problems (error was “Lillo – Keytable read/checksum error”).
It looks like there is a problem with the IDE controller under Linux.
With live CD like, Koppix or Feather usb it is all right.

Any suggestions welcome.

The Bios setup of the K7S8X is standard; not one parameter has been changed except the boot sequence and the CPU clock 133MHz (AMD XP2400+ [15x block]).

I also tried different bios [now is K7S8X_2.52A downloaded from you]: with the same result.

I used for different HD for the tests:
• one 20Gb (WD200 Cavair) for XP;
• one 2Gb (WD 22100 Cavair) per Linux;
• one 1,2Gb (CONNER CFS1275A) o 500Mb (Fujitsu M1603TAU) per Smoothwall

Ciao Guido