Asrock Fatal1ty Z77 PRO-M MEM OC

Hi every one.
I have a question about overclocking system memory on the mentioned above mobo+i5-2500k+GeiL EVO Veloce 2133Mhz. Every thing is running smooth except the mem oc. On every specs ASROCK inform that mem can be oc to 2800Mhz. Unfortunately in UEFI it can be set up to 2133 and it is not because my memory work with that speed. For some 1600Mhz memory it is the same. Asrock’s support told that I will have to OC the base clock to 131Mhz which is obviously impossible. I know that the memory controller in intel processor works only with 1333Mhz but I see an increase of 9GB/s transfer rate between 1333MHz and 2133MHz.

So now the question:
Is it possible that the settings of max 2133Mhz memory is correlated with maximum available(read somewhere) memory freq mutiplyer (21.33x) for i5/i7 second gen processors? I read somewhere that for third generation intels it can be set up to 33.

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It could be that your RAM is not properly supported in the UEFI on that board.
AsRock is correct when they say memory frequencies of upto 2800MHz are supported, but that is only with a 3rd generation Core i5 such as 3570K, 2nd Gen Core i5 such as the 2500K will normally only be able to reach 2133MHz.

Both Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge CPUs have an integrated memory controller. The Ivy Bridge controller is both faster and more flexible.

You should be able to select 2133MHz. from the OC Tweaker page/ DRAM frequency, as in the screenshot below.
This is on an AsRock Z68 Extreme 4 board with a 2600K.
Make sure the base clock frequency is set at 100MHz, and disable “spread spectrum” to lock it at 100MHz.

Do I have any guarantee that on 3570K i will able to set my memory to 2800Mhz? They work fine on that freq. I’ve tested them on different system.

Unfortunately at those speeds you get no guarantee, it’s a matter of try it and see.