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  I just had to re set my aspi layer because dvdfab was telling me that the old one wasn't there.  so i used the killer thingy and then force  aspi17, i unziped it and extracked and dragged three of the four files into the system folder and that worked because i used the aspi checker thing, but the apix.vxd file didn t should up even though its in that folder, all i get in the aspi list is N/A aspi not properly working.   So i re read the instructions and the vxd file is supposed to go into the i o  sub  system  folder  ! ?
  I am using win 98se and i don t see that folder, yikes so where does it go for win98se, i ve ran out off folder s to try  -  Thanks need the help . .

Also getting the error - dvd drive locked or not found, how do i fix that
Yikes - thanks -

Ok almost got it fixed this just popped up so what now - thanks

" aspi is properly installed but one of the helper drivers has failed to intialize(OxE3)"

Now what - byeee

I think your in the wrong forum :confused:
This is the DVDFab forum, not the General Software

Seems like we are getting a lot of that lately huh Tim

YES :confused:

Maybe some people don’t know that at the top of the page there is a search that they can type in what program they have or need help with and it will take them to the correct forum on cd freaks, and the mods will tell them right off if they are in the right forum or not (they told me right away when I posted something that wasn’t a concern to their forum) :slight_smile:

[B]SEARCH[/B] WOW what a Concept

I don’t believe from past experience on a few of these forums on CD Freaks that people get the timely responses to their questions like they do on the DVDFab forum.Either they don’t have the people who frequent those forums like Fab does, or we need to get a life, LOL. Myself being a big addict to this forum, what can I say, it’s fun. But people get good answers or at least responses, which is important. So be gentle with them. LOL. ~ Mike

Yes Sir :bigsmile:

Mike wasn’t trying to be hard on him just thought he could get better support for his problem in the forum thats deals with his problem as it wasn’t a FAB problem, sorry if I sounded rude, didn’t mean it that way :frowning:

Comeon guys (gals) lets start getting back on topic please. These kinds of exchanges are not necessary. Please show some respect you all know better.:cop:

You’re right :iagree:

Sorry Alan :rolleyes: