hello everyone,
i just have a quick and hopefully simply Q:
i reinstalled windows, and i have no APSI
installed, everything seems to work fine.

so my Q: is should i install APSI , and if so what ver

thanx in advance

And your operating system,XP does not use aspi. you can read more here

great thank you k9cop
and yes i am running xp

I thought WinXP uses ASPI but it is not native?

Theres no need to install an ASPI layer for XP, unless you want to use a program that specifically asks for one ie Clony. Most burning programs dont need it, some do though. It is therefore a matter of which programs you want to use.

If you decide on installing an ASPI layer after all, i suggest version 4.60 as it has been reported to give the least problems. Me has it installed since day one and never had problems.

I have a strange problem with the aspi layer on winXP Pro:

Originally i had installed ForceASPI 4.60, which worked fine with programs such as DiscDump. However, i then changed to the Nero aspi layer to see if there were any gains in performance. I could find no advantage using Nero and since Discdump failed to work i switched back to the original.

Now the original aspi layer no longer works. It brings up garbage in ClonyXXL and Discdump will still not function. Any tips on what the problem could be?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

sounds like you have part of the nero aspi still on PC

deinstall the aspi layer in nero that you installed. Might need to deinstall nero, and reinstall without aspi. then reinstall 4.60…

@ kid185

thanks for the info. It turned out not to be a problem with Nero however. After deciding to make a real effort to find the cause, it suddenly hit me…Nvidia accelerated SW ide drivers!!!

I’d risked putting them on when i installed nforce 3.13 drivers and luckily had no problems with them - until now. I hope Nvidia gets their act together soon, since the ide drivers do actually help hard disk performance; when they’re not conflicting with other drivers.

Thanks for the quick response :smiley:

Let this be a warning:

DON’T UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES use Nvidia’s ide drivers at the moment. They mess with you pc and can cause major damage. I won’t use them again until the problem is sorted. :frowning:

i had also a problem with the nvidia SW-ide drivers. I couldnt start cloneyxxl. It didnt recognize my drives. I am also waiting on update from NVidia that works.

should have asked earlier if you had that installed. glad you found the answer… :smiley:

For anyone still having problems with nvidia ide drivers and programs like Fireburner, DDump, and CloneyXXL not recognizing the drives afterwards, or showing garbage, I found a solution to the problem.

Get the WNASPI.dll from nero website, and copy it into the respective program directory, (ie…Cloneyxxl directory for cloney, Fireburner directory for fireburner, and well, you get what i mean)

afterwards, the drives will be recognized like they should be


Should work for the programs you mention BUT will not work for discdump. Adaptec aspi layer is needed for discdump (use v. 4.6).

Adaptec’s ASPI sux big time… I quote Olli on