Does the ASPI only work with SCSI devices? If so is ther some way to make it work with EIDE devices? That wold be nice because a lot of nice tools for CD and DVD drives require ASPI to access the drive.

ASPI drivers are used to access IDE/EIDE ATAPI devices as well as SCSI devices.


Though the info is outdated , this is a nice explanation.

In order to use CDDA32 with ATAPI drives under Win95/98, you must have ASPI drivers installed. On a generic Win95/98 install, there will be ASPI drivers from Microsoft automatically installed for you. The ASPI drivers that Adaptec has on their web site now DO NOT allow CDDA32 to talk to ATAPI drives. If you update the Microsoft ASPI drivers with the drivers from Adaptec’s site, you will lose the ability to use ATAPI drives with CDDA32.

Feurio also has some nice info.

Windows 95/98 is “missing” the possibility to access SCSI or IDE devices directly. To enable direct access to SCSI or IDE devices, the ASPI driver has been invented.
The ASPI-Driver is used for the hardware independent control of devices on the SCSI and IDE-Bus.
ASPI stands for “Advanced SCSI Programming Interface”, but is appropriate for IDE devices, too.

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Though the info is outdated , Feurio also has some nice info.

The reason Mr B says the information is outdated is because all the mainstream burning programs have found different ways to access SCSI and EIDE cd drives without using the system aspi. (thank god!)

All the new programs either have their own aspi layer or they access the drives directly through a Drive specific command set.

They have done this because of the problems with maintaing a single working aspi layer on a system is almost impossible and many programs (read adaptec/roxio EZCD) installed their own aspi layer (badly) and corrupted the system aspi layer in the process, rendering every other burning program useless and inflicting the poor user with regular blue screens of death, even when not actually burning.

Aspi related problems used to account for about 95% of cd writing problems (about 95% of the 95% related to EZCD aspi installation), back in the old days. Nowadays it’s just copy protections which cause problems.

Good Luck!

Thanks for the info guys. The reason why I asked was that programs using system ASPI layer can only see my virtual alcohol drive. Do you have any idea how I could fix this I have the latest version of Adaptec ASPI 4.71.2 do I need to downgrade to an older version?

look on steve gibsons website.

I think

It has a program that will check your aspi for you, and the detected adapters.
What program are you using and be warned that most programs that used to use aspi do not have support for the newer cdwriters anyway, and hence do not recognise them. It doesn’t mean that the program doesn’t detect them, just that they are unsupported and hence blocked from being used.

It has a program that will check your aspi for you, and the detected adapters.

I’ve tried the ID program (is that what you meant?) and it cant see my drives.
The program I was trying to use was a region hack program (hitachihack) for my DVD rom. Do you think it will help to downgrade the ASPI drivers to an older version?

I’m not sure if the original aspi drivers actually work with windows XP. They were designed for windows 9X series, consumer level. For windows2K/XP/NT4 I think you really need a set by a different company. I can’t remember the name of it though.

However, the latest driver with force-aspi should do the job, since M$ is working on them anyway, since they bought out roxio, EZCD.

Thanks debro.
I installed 4.60 with force aspi and now all my programs can see my drives (and i can use hitachihack to see foreign DVDs:bigsmile: )
seems like ther is a problem with the latest ASPI drivers (4.71.2) and win XP

So often the case with new things.