my computer came with WIN XP pre installed and when i tried to run some program to detect ATIP on cdrs and it said tht it couldnt find wnaspi32.dll i searched for it and it doesnt exist in my windows folder (i have one in my nero folder but i think it’s like nero internal).
So to the question is it normal that win xp doesn’t have a aspi layer and should i install one and if so wich version?

I was in the same situation. I have Win XP and needed to load an ASPI layer to run DiskDump and for some features on Clony. I used, by loads of recommendations, ForceAspi. It is a little program that forces an ASPI layer. If you search this forum, im sure you can find info on it. I believe you can force any version you want. The one I have is the old 4.60 version. It seems to work fine. I used DiskDump and FireBurner to back up Need For Speed High Pursuit 2. I needed the aspi layer for DDump, which is a DOS program. I have read that 4.60 is still a good layer to use. I will not update that till I need to. Hope this Helps.


Thanks poon i will try that.