ASPI - What is?

What is ASPI?

Advanced SCSI Programming Interface

What is its significance?

A quick Google provided this info:ASPI

Source is the page linked by pipemanid above.

ASPI, the Advanced SCSI Programming Interface provides an API originated by Adaptec which standardises communication on a computer bus between a SCSI host adapter on the one hand and SCSI (and ATAPI) peripherals on the other.
Is standardization of “communication on a SCSI host adapter on the one hand and SCSI (and ATAPI) peripherals on the other” important?

If positive response, why?

Communication protocols require a defined method of communicatiion between devices…
When you, as a person, communicate with another person, it is necessary that you both speak the same language. Without meeting that primary requirement, communication is not possible. The same standard applies to devices on a communication bus. Without a common language, supplied through ASPI and the API (application programming interface) no data can be exchanged. A simplistic answer, but you should get the point…

My ATAPI drives seem to function well without installing ASAPI Layer. I am using Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 4.

I understand the point about a common language between devices and interface, but not the importance of its standardization.

An Example to ilustrate what I was thinking:Two group of people exist with two members per group, A and B. Members of group A will not and cannot communicate with members of group B. Members of group B will not and cannot communicate with members of group A.

Both members of group A use the same language. Members of group A can communicate with each other.

Both members of group B uses the same language. Members of group B can communicate with each other.

Both groups fuction correctly. Standardization of communication is not necessary when the members of the groups only communicate with members of their group.The example may apply to ATAPI and SCSI devices as logical devices on one system and platform are not used on another system or platform.

What happens when Group A and Group B wish to communicate with each other? At that point in time communication breaks down. You can’t exclude that possibility in the future.

The future does not exist. Existence of ASPI in the present seems unjustified.

If in the future utility may be realized from the different collectives communicating with each other, justification for the existence of a single common language will esist.

Does ASPI provide benefits during the present?

Microsoft has all but eliminated ASPI in their Operating Systems since Win2000.
Some legacy applications require an ASPI layer in order to function…
The future does exist…you’re there right now…

Thanks you.

I shall now get some sleep.

True but they’re becoming fewer and fewer.

Even many of those that have release notes indicating that aspi is required no longer actually do so, at least if you’re running XP.

An example is the popular open source ripper, cdex; release notes indicate aspi is required but happily runs with spti.