ASPI Trouble

I own a Pioneer 109, bought it 5 months ago, used it moderately at home for burning DVD-movies, mostly on Verbatim DVD-R 16x. Latest firmware 1.58 from the Japanese site.
Lately I am having problems with this drive, it would not start/finalize disks and up to 75% go to waste when burning with: Ashampoo Burn studio v6.02, Cheetah DVD v1.62, Alcohol 120%, Disc Juggler, you name it.
The only software that handles it properly is NERO 7 and CloneDVD.
Now, can the reason for all that be that I had Adaptec ASPI drivers installed on WinXP Pro SP2? There are 3 files in the ASPI pack and for some reason they are different versions (numbers differ), which - I guess - happens while updating/reinstalling ASPI.
Does anyone have ASPI trouble?

I don’t know if ASPI is the culprit, anyway you should try removing ASPI completely (most probably you don’t need it), or at least have ASPI installed correctly. I recommend ForceASPI for both tasks (removing and fixing).

Hope this helps, :slight_smile:


You don’t need ASPI with XP, it’s build in. Nero 6 uses it’s own, Nero 7 uses the XP version. SPTI i think they call it. Check your XP updates, SP2 by itself don’t make it anymore. and hold off on those updates from yesterday till we see if they actully fixed anything. The last version was a mess. They were removed from mine. I liked it better when nero used their own. Thats why I run V6.???. Some of those second stringer programs are a pain in the butt. They all have their own ideas how to do things. Ill asume you just loaded something and it messed you up. The scsi programs don’t get weird by themselfs.

Sorry to Butt in here.

I had been using Adaptec 4.6 but now with my new lite-on 165P6S drive I can’t use
SmartBurn so can I just use killaspi and that’s it? Do I need winaspi32.dll in the /system32
folder or??

I am running WinXP Pro sp1.

[QUOTE=MegaDETH]Sorry to Butt in here.

Do I need winaspi32.dll in the /system32
folder or??

If your using nero 6 you need their winaspi32.dll in their folder. Verson 7 I think works off the XP layers. A neroinfo check shows I have the nero aspi but no system aspi. Everything works dandy.

Are you have NVIDIA-based Motherboard (NForce chipset)? if so, uninstall nforce IDE driver and use WinXP IDE driver instead. nforce IDE driver messes up the smartburn.
I have Nforce3 mobo, and I have experienced the same thing, the smartburn check didnt recognize the drive I’m using and the only way to get it to work was uninstalling the nforce IDE driver and use ASPI4.60