Aspi problems after installing winXP sp2


aspi was working fine (force aspi 1.7) before I had to format this computer hd, so I lived happily with liteon booktype utiliy, after reinstalling windows and updatiing to sp2, aspi will install fine but no program that makes use of it (with nero exception, which works with it’s own aspi thingie) works !

can give me a hand with this problem? does windows XP sp2 has any kind of problems with aspi 4.60, 4.7?


You have to set it to ASPI in the programs prefs.

Well honestly you don’t really NEED an aspi layer anymore. It’s pretty much deprecated. Anything that NEEDS it usually ships with its own, and most programs use SPTI now anyway.

You can uninstall it entirely and then reinstall it. I’m pretty sure that FORCEASPI will reinstall it properly… eventually.

solved, nvidia ide drivers seems to be incompatible with aspi stuff.

gurm, I tried setting the booktype with imgburn thru spti, no luck, and damn liteon bitsetting utilities (and others I think) will only work with aspi installed.

anyway, thanks.

Really? My liteon lets me set the booktype just fine with IMGBurn, I don’t have ASPI installed.

I’ve run the Liteon tools as well, and again… no ASPI on this system ever!


well the good thing is that I could notice that my dvd player reads +r dl dvds just fine without booktype changed and all.